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I heartily WELCOME you to this site, "Star Star Super Star Dr. Rajkumar". Rajkumar, was really a wonder on screen and in real life. The written contents and photos about the actor is like a drop in the ocean.

There is one saying in Kannada, "Aadu muttada soppilla; Dr. Rajkumar maadada paathravilla".  The meaning of this saying is, "There is no leaf, not eaten by the goat". As all of us know, it eats all types of leafs.  There is no role, not performed by Dr. Rajkumar.    

If you have not seen any of the films of the actor, please see and tell others to see his films. Otherwise, you all will be truly missing to see one wonder of this world in acting, dialogue delivery and singing. Please note that, in one's life time, one has to see the films of  Dr. Rajkumar.

My intention of creating this blog is that, the inimitable performance of the actor, in variety of roles and great achievements in his reel as well as real life, should be known to the whole WORLD.

The Government of India should honour Dr. Rajkumar with the country's highest honour  Bharat Ratna  posthumously,     which he highly deserves for his inimitable contributions to INDIAN CINEMA and for the society. The authorities of Madame Tussauds Wax Museum to consider establishing of lifelike wax figure of Dr. Rajkumar.

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Giridhar K M

One and the only popular "Singing Super Star" of WORLD CINEMA.

Dr. Rajkumar was one & the only popular "Singing super star" of World Cinema. He was not only popular as a play back singer in cinema, he was also popular as a singer in light music, devotional songs, folklore songs etc., with perfection in voice and singing. 

His hundreds of different cassettes have been released.  Though the actor is not with us now, his presence is felt through his films and voice through his songs. He had very good knowledge of classical music and he has received National Award for Best Singer. 

He has been awarded many times, for his acting and singing, by the people of Karnataka, the Government of Karnataka and the Government of India. Whatever the words we use in praise of the actor, is not at all an exaggeration of the real fact and truth.     

He was the one & only exceptional actor, who showed excellence in both acting and singing.


The Kannada film industry is called as "Sandalwood", because of the availability of sandalwood in Karnataka.  The fraternity of sandalwood began giving respect to Dr. Rajkumar, by calling him as, "ANNAVRU", meaning "Elder brother" and latter on the entire people of Karnataka accepted him as ANNAVRU. In whatever the functions he attended, huge gathering was there to see him and hear his speech.  There was pin drop silence, when he spoke on the stage.  After his speech, the gathering used to demand him to sing a song.  Without his rendering of a song, the gala function will not be complete. His memories will cherish forever.  He was a uncrowned king of Cinema.  Though the market of Kannada film industry is limited only to Karnataka, he is well known, in India and many parts of the world.

Variety of roles.

One of the title, among countless titles conferred on Dr. Rajkumar is "Vara Nata".  Vara means "Boon" and Nata means "Actor".  A gifted actor.  He was well behaved and a model for the society. He was handsome and was fitting into any type of role.  He has acted in different types of movies and performed variety of roles.
He has acted in Social, Humorous, Detective (as CID 999), Novel based, Historical,  Mythological, Devotional & Folklore movies with ease and poise. In the world of cinema, no other actor has acted in such a variety of roles as Dr. Rajkumar. He is the first Film Actor who has been bestowed with "Doctor" degree in India, by the Mysore University in 1976. Such an actor is "Na bhootho, Na bhavishyathi", meaning "Not in the PAST, Not in the FUTURE".